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Getting the Right Safe for Your Business

A safe offers the best security for relatively small, high value assets that need to be secured and yet available for daily use. Unfortunately, getting the right safe can be a daunting task.

Four Most Common (and Most Costly) Mistakes

When you purchase a safe for your office or business, four common mistakes can be very expensive:

    • Choosing the wrong kind of safe: Most people don’t realize that different kinds of safes are available to meet particular needs. For example, most people believe any safe will protect important documents from fire, yet most safes are neither fire resistant nor waterproof.
  • Choosing the wrong size: Many business owners either over estimate or under estimate the size of the safe they need. Locksmith San Diego offers safes in a variety of sizes and we’ll help you assess your needs to be sure you make the right choice.


  • Choosing the wrong locking mechanism: Most people think of a safe with of a standard combination lock, but if several people need access to the contents, a keypad lock that allows you to assign a unique code to each person may be a more secure and efficient choice.


  • Choosing the wrong location: Safes are heavy and can be difficult to move. Putting a safe in a place that seems convenient may mean just having it in the way.


Your One Right Choice

That’s why James McDuff and his Uncle Mike have made Locksmith San Diego the local experts in business and office safes. “We make sure our clients get the right safe the first time.” says James.

Our full line of quality safes includes:

    • Office Safes: When you need to secure information and yet keep it available for daily work, a small office safe can be the perfect solution. Client lists, contracts, and even cash and checks can all be kept safely stored and readily available in an office safe.
    • Data and Media Safes: If you back up your data and business files, it is equally important to safely store your data. Data safes are designed to protect all kinds of media in case of fire when off site storage is not a good business option.
    • Deposit Safes: For businesses that involve frequent cash transactions, deposit safes provide a quick and convenient way for employees to make cash deposits without opening the safe. Most deposit safes fit conveniently under your counter where they are inconspicuous and out of your way.
  • Fire Proof Safes: Locksmith San Diego offers fire safes in a variety of sizes with protection lasting 30 minutes to two hours at temperatures from 1200o F to 1850o F.
  • Multi-user Safes: If several employees need access to the contents of your safe, you can choose a key code lock and assign a unique code to each user. You can even get the lock programmed to keep track of who uses the safe and when.
  • Specialty Safes: Some safes are designed to secure specific items. Safes for jewelry or rare coins, for example, have drawers that can be removed and placed in display counters. At the end of the day, they go back in the safe quickly and easily. Special safes are also available for guns and other high risk items.


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